Leather Tanning

For more than 30 years, Eastpoint Performance Chemicals business unit distribute a broad portfolio of high quality Mimosa vegetable tanning products for leather processing and tanning. Our  Mimosa vegetable tannings from Acacia tree bark contains high tanning content, minimum 70%. This high quality tanning product is widely used internationally for better yield in Leather processing and tanning.


We serve customers around the Asean (Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos) with a wide range of applications and industries. 

A natural soluble dedusted extract. It is uniform in quality (minimum tannin content of 66%), light in colour, easily soluble in water, but best dissolved in warm water using mechanical means such as stirring or drumming.

Mimosa ME powder can be used for all types of leather, in pits, drums or tanning machines.


An exceptionally light coloured, dedusted Mimosa powder, specially treated by chemical means to produce less astringency, high solubility and improved lightfastness. It is suitable for the tannage of hides and skins where very rapid tannin penetration and light colour is required, with the benefit of smooth grain.

It is ideal for combination tannages and retannage of chrome leathers.


Similar in properties to Mimosa RG but Mimosa RN has a natural yellow/brown colour.


A very light coloured, dedusted powder produced from specially selected fresh bark. The extract solution is also chemically treated to lighten the colour. Leather tanned with Mimosa GS has a very light colour.

It is recommended for vegetable leather tannages and retannages of chrome leather where a particularly pale shade is required.